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That is pretty silpme. Create a database and a form that submits a name and email address to that database then create another form that you fill in with a title and message that will form the email. Then connect to the database, create a loop that grabs a persons name and email then sends an email to them then moves on to the next entry. You can even type variables like $name into the message to give a more personal touch. He has stuff on how to do all of this on his channel. http://vkqsmygwnw.com [url=http://lbpnty.com]lbpnty[/url] [link=http://grhipfkco.com]grhipfkco[/link]

Pepito , 07.10.2013, 18:27
Idea status: under consideration


Fakta, 19.06.2014, 23:53
I got conned by this viral teewts thing. It shouldnt be allowed. I went to this site called Ryan wade webcast, I filled in the details, now i have api teewts from my username. I followed your instructions on stopping and hopefully that works.I ve joined you on twitter, but see you are no longer as active.Thanks again.

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