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let me explain this to you as easy as i fniuckg can, 2 months ago i posted the question how about a bot powered search engine on this video, that was 2 mother fniuckg months ago, are you with me now. over those fniuckg 2 months i learned how to script a bot powered search engine on my own. at the time i posted that question i didn't know how but now i do. so stop trying to act so fniuckg smart when you can't even look at the date for a post, fniuckg troll

Sunil , 07.10.2013, 23:29
Idea status: under consideration


Risa, 19.06.2014, 16:58
It's interesting to me how much the ashieettc of WordPress has changed, and while I absolutely love the new functions and features, I can't say the same for the new look and feel of the dashboard or login form. Though it didn't seem special at the time, in comparing what the older versions looked like to what the newer versions have become visually, there is definitely some elegance that has been lost in the more modern iterations. While I wouldn't dare sacrifice the functionality of the newer versions, it would be nice to have that old elegance back. Your plugin is a definite and much needed push in that direction. Perhaps you could do something about the Dashboard next well it's just a thought.

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